Internal tides and interaction with mesoscale currents and its impact on chlorophyll on the southern coast of Brazil

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Start date : October 1, 2021

Deadline : June 9, 2021

Supervisor : Florent Lyard

Co-supervision of thesis : Ariane Koch-Larrouy

Funding: Competition for a doctoral contract


Ocean dynamics on the southern coasts of Brazil are governed by very dynamic, and sometimes unstable, west-coast currents that generate strong meso and submeso-scale eddy activity. (Figure 1, right). Also, from the Victoria/Abrolhos Ridge, tidal-forced internal waves radiate northward and southward (Figure 1, left and middle). They cause significant vertical movement (~10-100 m) in the water column and a vertical mixing that enriches the surface layers with nutrients and thus promotes the development of phytoplankton. In this very dynamically active region, better understanding how physical processes structure the ecosystem is an important issue for fisheries, biodiversity. This is the purpose of this phD.

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