Model-based study of dynamics and hydrosedimentary processes in the riverine estuary and in the plume of the Red River, South China Sea

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Start date : October 1, 2021

Deadline : June 9, 2021

Supervisor : Sylvain Ouillon

Co-supervision of thesis : Marine Herrmann

Funding: Competition for a doctoral contract


The team supervising this PhD thesis has been working for more than 10 years with its Vietnamese partners on the flow of water and total suspended solids (TSS), their variability, and associated processes in the Red River estuary. The general objective of the PhD is to develop and deepen this expertise in terms of modelling in order to accurately reproduce the dynamics in the estuary (with the presence of a double estuarine turbidity maximum) and in the plume, and to analyse the hydro-sedimentary processes on the basis of simulations, benefiting for their calibration and validation from all archived or future in situ or satellite data. Particular care will be taken to the chemical transformation processes in the estuary (colloid-particle transfers). Applications to the Van Uc and Cam-Bach Dang rivers, northern distributaries of the Red River.

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