Study of 3D surfzone dynamics using a wave-resolving model (CROCO)

Start date : October 1, 2021

Deadline :

Supervisor : Patrick Marchesiello –  patrick.marchesielloNO SPAM -- FILTER@NO SPAM -- – Tél :  0561333005

Funding: Research contract


Flash rips and surf eddies are transient horizontal structures of order 10-100 m, which can be generated in the surfzone in the absence of bathymetric irregularities. They are traditionally evaluated with depth-averaged models solving horizontal shear instabilities and the direct generation of vorticity by short-crested waves. While these classical models have struggled for decades to describe observations, the effect of 3D nonhydrostatic dynamics on surf eddies is still unknown. This PhD study will revisit the processes of surf eddy generation with a new three-dimensional wave resolution model (CROCO) and re-evaluate their effect on transport and surf-shelf exchange. It will also address some aspects of hydro-sedimentary systems, which drives coastal morphological evolution.

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