Different indices based on Sea Surface Salinity are presented for monitoring of climate variability and/or change.

SSS changes in the tropical Pacific during ENSO events

Numerous past studies indicate that notable changes in sea-surface salinity (SSS) in the western Pacific warm pool and in the South Pacific Convergence Zone occur at the interannual time scale, in relation to ENSO events (1). This is illustrated below for the western Pacific warm pool in Figure 1 showing the interannual anomalies in SSS averaged […]

SSS changes along the French coasts

In order to describe the state of the climate and its impacts on the coasts of France and French overseas territories, the ONERC (French National Observatory on the Effects of Global Warming) uses indicators. An indicator is an information, associated with a phenomenon, allowing to monitor its temporal evolution in an objective way. These indicators […]

Climate change: a reality for the French overseas territories