Formerly Selected ships

Ship nameCodeFirst voyageLast voyageNumber of voyagesTrack or region
Alis (R/V)FHQB01/199211/201052 (1)SW Pacific
Argentina StarC6MD803/199902/20007PX31
(L’)Astrolabe (old)(2)FHZI11/199303/2017153IX30
Cap TrafalgarDGCT01/200612/20065AX10, AX29
Cap VerdeELVO305/199802/200015AX11
Coral Islander3EVS08/199509/200237PX04, PX05, PX12, PX53
Direct TuiELVZ503/200210/200417PX31
ExplorerSDAZ606/199307/199512PX05, PX51
HavannahFPAP01/200304/2012224N. Caledonia, Vanuatu
Hawk HunterA8RH610/2017AX15, Gulf of Guinea
Kyowa Cattleya3FEW501/199701/200982PX04, PX05, PX12, PX53
Kyowa Hibiscus3FMF401/199911/200780PX04, PX05, PX12, PX53
Lady GeraldineFKKT11/199510/2001319New Caledonia
La PérouseFNDH08/199502/199818AX11
LavenderA8IG210/200810/201614(3) + 2 (4)Medit. + Indian Ocean(3), then AX3-PX17-12-30-08(4)
LondonELVX409/199803/200424Round the World
MatisseC6VL5, 5BAD2(5)09/200608/201535AX3-PX17-12-30-08
Monte Olivia (*)DAJC10/200704/20099AX11, SW Atlantic
Nuka Arctica(6)OXYH205/199704/2020AX01
Onyx9VBM505/201409/20168Medit. + Indian Ocean, then Gulf of Guinea + Indian + West Pacific (7)
Pacific IslanderHPEW05/199201/200360PX04, PX05, PX12, PX53
Pointe AllegreA8IG206/201711/20172AX3-PX17-12-30-08
Pointe des SalinesA8MA901/201811/20183AX3-PX17-12-30-08
ProvidenceFNTL10/199702/19982Round the World
RimbaudFNZQ08/199601/19986Round the World
Rio Blanco (*)DGPT212/200902/201217AX11
RomeELVZ602/199901/200621Round the World
RonsardFNPA07/199301/199713Round the World
Santa Cruz (*)A8YW204/201203/201413AX11
VoyagerZDBE912/199112/19925PX04, PX05, PX051
WashingtonDPER, ELVZ5(8)05/199803/200214Round the World
Yéwéné – YéwénéFKBN05/199511/199538New Caledonia

(*) pCO2 measurements done by SSS Observation Service.

(1) From February 2003 to November 2010.

(2) In collaboration with CSIRO in Hobart (TAS).

(3) From October 2008 to October 2012.

(4) From April 2016 to October 2016.

(5) From July, 23, 2008.

(6) Additional measurements are done by Norvegian and American colleagues. Data recorded in memory: 1 min over 2006-2009, 5 min over 2010-2011, 1 min since 2012.

(7) From May 2016.

(8) From January, 30, 1999.