Réseau d'Observation Subantarctique et Antarctique du niveau de la MEr / Subantarctic and Antarctic Sea Level Observing Network


Network leader:Philippe Téchiné
Data exploitation:Philippe Téchiné & Laurent Testut
Network maintenance by DT/INSU:Antoine Guillot, Michel Calzas, Christine Drezen, Lionel Fichen & Cédric Brachet
GNSS stations maintenance by IGN:Thomas Donal & Tanguy Garmond
Technical support in LIENSs:Sarah Baizeau

ROSAME tide gauges network is an Observation Service created by Christian Le Provost [pdf] with label of INSU since 1997. It was held as Environment Research Observatory by the Ministry of Research in 2002. It belongs to SONEL since 2015. His scientific goals are:

– Oceanic tides study
– Validation of altimetric observations
– Monitoring of long term sea level trend

This network is supported by INSUObservatoire Midi-PyrénéesDT/INSU and IPEV.