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Teleconnection and dynamical influences on the intraseasonal rainfall variability over Vietnam

Salle Coriolis

- Hong Hanh Le, LEGOS, Toulouse -   Résumé : The intraseasonal variability of Vietnam rainfall has a large amplitude and considerable complexity, with much variation between the subregions. The objective of this study is first to assess the contribution of moisture budget terms to regional events for positive and negative rainfall anomalies; then to […]

Air-Sea interactions: a dissipation mechanism for oceanic internal waves ?

Jules Verne

- Audrey Delpech, Postdoc à UCLA, Los Angeles, USA -   Résumé : The global overturning circulation of the ocean and the vertical transport of heat and dissolved gases that regulate the climate are largely controlled by oceanic diapycnal mixing. Diapycnal mixing is primarily driven by the breaking of internal waves that propagate throughout the […]

The Airborne Coastal Observatory – What is it and what does it do? Examples of landslide and cryospheric change in western Canada

Salle Lyot

- Brian Menounos, Professeur, University of Northern British Columbia, Canada -   Résumé : Earth observation, in addition to modeling, provide logical pathways for theoretical advances in the Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric sciences. Spaceborne observations provide the most comprehensive method to observe phenomena, but frequency of repeat visits by a satellite, spatial resolution of a […]