Publisher: Direction– Updated on 31/03/2021

The laboratory relies on commissions, committees and referents concerning the life of the laboratory or whose role is to provide advice and expertise to the direction and governing bodies. The people involved are listed in the LEGOS organization chart.

Life of the laboratory

  • Fixed-term contract commission
  • Seminar coordinators
  • Doctoral student referent
  • Training correspondent
  • Gender equality correspondents
  • Communication correspondents
  • Website committee
  • Eco-responsible committee
  • Library correspondent
  • Health & Safety

Advice and expertise

  • Project Managers
    • South, Overseas and sustainability sciences
    • Europe and Valorization
    • Region and OMP
    • Observations and SNO
    • Digital strategy
  • Computer Users Committee
  • South / Overseas
    • South Africa
    • Brazil
    • Gulf of Guinea
    • India Bangladesh
    • East Pacific
    • West Pacific
    • Vietnam