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Publisher: Direction– Updated on 09/04/2021

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Internship proposal 2020/2021


  • Reducing uncertainties in Arctic Ocean sea ice volume estimation in ocean forecasting systems.
    Supervisors: C-E TESTUT (Dr. Researcher, Mercator), F. GARNIER (Dr. Post-doc, LEGOS)
  • Oceanic hydrothermal sources studied by iron isotopes.
    Supervisors: F. LACAN (Director of research at CNRS – LEGOS), V. CHAVAGNAC (Director of research at CNRS – GET)
  • Long-term variations in coastal sea level along the Australian east coast: are they different from those observed offshore and if so why?
    Supervisors : F. BIROL, F. LEGER
  • Fine-scale eddy flows in the Agulhas Current – observability with the future SWOT mission.
    Supervisors: R. MORROW (Physicist CNAP), O. VERGARA (CDI CLS-LEGOS)
  • The influence of ENSO on tropical vs. extra-tropical storms contributions to coastal sea-level in the Eastern Pacific.
    Supervisors : J. BOUCHAREL, L. RENAULT;
  • Mesoscale dynamics in the Gulf of Guinea – Coastal-Wide Transfer.
    Supervisors: I. DADOU, Y. MOREL, G. ALORY
  • Internal tides characterization on the Abrolhos Bank and the Victoria-Trindade Ridge (brazil) in the context of the SWOT Brazil project.
    Supervisors: A. KOCH-LARROUY (LEGOS/Mercator), J. CHANUT (Mercator), L. CARRERE (CLS), F. HERNANDEZ (LEGOS/UFPE)