Publisher: Nick Hall – Updated on 31/03/2021

LEGOS researchers are involved in several high-level educational programmes. Some of our teaching material is available online. We are also responsible for two masters programmes abroad: in Benin and Vietnam.

Students at work: Benin
Sampling sea water: Banyuls
In the lab: Banyuls

LEGOS is involved in teaching in several institutions, mainly the University of Toulouse III (Paul Sabatier), from bachelor’s to master level, as well as in engineering schools, and through doctoral training. We also run two masters programmes abroad. LEGOS professors are involved in non-thematic teaching from bachelor to master level in applied mathematics, physics and chemistry at UPS in Toulouse.

The laboratory welcomes many doctoral students as part of the “Sciences of the Universe, Environment and Space” doctoral school of the University of Toulouse. The scientific and technical environment fosters quality training through research. Students benefit from our expertise in satellite data (CTOH and the Multi-sensor Workshop); digital technology (Digital Workshop); and instrumental platforms (nuclear and mass spectrometry and the LEGOS clean room).

  • At the Université of Toulouse III
    • L3 (Reorientation Earth Environment)
    • L3 (Physical and Chemical Sciences) 
    • L3 (Physics)
    • L2 (Science of the Earth and the Environment) 
    • L1 (Mathc-Physics-Chemistry and Earth Sciences) 
  • Toulouse Graduate School of Earth and Space Science TESS
  • Engineering School lSAE – 2nd and 3rd year, option “space and oceanography applications”. 
  • LEGOS organises field courses for Masters students, including a one-week course in Banyuls sur Mer, with boarding, for Masters 1 and 2 students.
  • The Laboratory also regularly organises summer schools.