Publisher: Direction– Updated on 22/03/2021

Direction team

Role: It steers the strategic orientations and the scientific policy of the unit. It ensures the proper implementation and development of research programs, while proposing an optimal organization of the laboratory. It defends and promotes the interests of the laboratory at the national and international level.

It is made up of the laboratory director, 3 deputy directors and an administrative and financial manager.

  • Laboratory Director:
    • Frédéric Marin
  • Deputy Directors:
    • Jean-François Crétaux (CNES)
    • Isabelle Dadou (Toulouse III University)
    • François Lacan  (CNRS)
  • Administrative and financial manager:
    • Bertrand Darly

Extended direction committee

The extended direction committee is an operational body.
Role: It participates in the decisions about science and resources, and in the collective construction of the scientific strategy of the laboratory.

The extended management committee is made up of the management team, the heads of the research teams and transverse scientific axes, and project managers appointed for their expertise in their fields (including IRD, Europe/enhancement, OMP/region, scientific IT strategy, engineer and technician staff representative).

It meets monthly.

Laboratory council (CDL)

The CDL is a statutory body.
Role: The laboratory council has an advisory role. It deliberates and issues an opinion on all the affairs of the laboratory : the research and teaching orientations, the management and the internal life of the unit. It is also a place for information exchange.

The LEGOS laboratory council is composed of :

  • 4 ex officio members
    • The director of the laboratory, president,
    • The deputy directors of the laboratory,
  • 8 elected members, divided into colleges and sub-colleges representing the staff of the unit
  • 3 appointed members
    • The administrative and financial manager,
    • Other members of the unit appointed by the director,

It meets at least three times a year.