Observation services and networks

Publisher: Direction– Updated on 31/03/2021

Research, training and dissemination of knowledge are strongly supported by a set of observations services and networks whose mission is to provide observations, products and numerical codes.

Centre for Ocean and Hydrosphere Topography (CTOH)
Satellite altimetry in oceanic and continental environments.

PIRATA mooring network
Network in the Equatorial Atlantic designed to monitor meteorological and oceanographic variables between the surface and 500 m depth.

Sea Level Observations Network (SONELROSAME)
Sea level monitoring, initiated in the southern zone.

Realistic Simulation of the Coastal Ocean (SIROCCO)
SIROCCO provides numerical tools to address the full range of coastal sea issues, and allows their implementation at a reasonable cost.

Surface Water Salinity Monitoring Network (SSS)
Salinity monitoring by merchant ships in the major ocean basins of the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian and Southern Oceans.

The HydroWEB service produces a database of water level variations on the world’s lakes and rivers based on satellite altimetry. HydroWEB is a Scientific Expertise Centre (SEC) of the THEIA national continental surface cluster. The database is operated by the company CLS under the coordination of LEGOS.

GDR Megha-Tropiques
The Megha-Tropiques satellite was designed by the French (CNES) and Indian (ISRO) space agencies to study the water cycle and energy exchanges in the tropics.

The Franco-Australian SURVOSTRAL program has been providing ocean temperature and salinity observations between Hobart (Tasmania) and the French Antarctic base of Dumont D’Urville since 1992.