Publisher: Direction – Updated on 22/03/2021

Scientific objectives

The scientific questions of the team are :

  • How do climatic modes cascade on the coasts from event-driven to interannual?
  • Mechanisms of coastal resilience to climatic and anthropogenic pressures?
  • Where does the sediment go? Means of observation-modelling sediment transport and coastal hydro-morphodynamics

Strategy and tools

Developing and applying innovative observation and numerical tools (deep learning, modelling) > coastal hydro-morphodynamics, fine-scale regional climate processes

We carry out structuring projects for the community (ANR COMODO 2011-2016, COASTVAR 2014-2018, AFD-EU LMDCZ 2016-2018, PEA MEPELS-AFD 2019-2024), research steering -PSIP littoral IRD, CS INSU Terre-Mer-, community development -GDR CROCO 2018-2022

Field campaigns and observation network; development of video and spatial observation and modelling methods

Computations: CALMIP, HAL (CNES), GENCI


Theme launched 4 years ago in the ECOLA team; working group formed and major projects funded (2 CNES post-docs, ANR COASTVAR 2014-2015)

Emerging topic at the international level and at LEGOS, LEGOS and interdisciplinary environment (Land-Sea axis) and very strong institutional that does not exist elsewhere in the French and international context.

PSIP IRD littoral, applied projects AFD, SHORES (spatial bathymetric atlas CNES, Météo-France, SHOM, Mercator, IRD), GDR CROCO, JEAI COAST6UNDER-CONTROL (Ghana).

News – blocks

Thesis offers

Predicting coastline changes under human and climate drivers

Start date : October 1, 2022 Deadline : The deadline for application to the doctoral school is midnight on June 11, 2022, but applicants are encouraged to contact the thesis advisor as […]

Current thesis

Coastal bathymetry and sea state prediction using deep learning: satellite observation and short-term prediction

Name: Mahmoud AL NAJAR Start date: 2020/11/09 Thesis supervisor: Rafaël ALMAR Co-supervision 1: Dennis WILSON Co-supervision 2: Jean-Marc DELVIT Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Earth Observation, Bathymetry, Sea […]

Current thesis

Study of sea-level variations near West African coasts and design of an early warning system for storm tides for sustainable improvement rice production in Guinea Bissau.

Name: Arame DIEYE Start date: 2020/10/01 Thesis supervisor: Patrick MARCHESIELLO Co-supervision 1: Bamol Ali SOW Co-supervision 2: Luc DESCROIX Keywords: Sea level, Sea surges, Early warning system, Agriculture, Guinea Bissau

Current thesis

Monitoring of Saint Louis coast (Senegal) using multi-sensor remote sensing techniques

Name: Adélaïde TAVENEAU Start date: 2019/11/18 Thesis supervisor:  Rafaël ALMAR Keywords: Coastal, Remote sensing, Multi sensor


Permanent staff

Firstname LASTNAMEGrade – Employer
Rafael ALMARTeam Leader
Research Scientist – IRD
Rachid BENSHILAResearch Engineer – CNRS
Patrick MARCHESIELLODirector of Research – IRD