PhD opportunities

Internal tides and interaction with mesoscale currents and its impact on chlorophyll on the southern coast of Brazil

Ocean dynamics on the southern coasts of Brazil are governed by very dynamic, and sometimes unstable, west-coast currents that generate strong meso and submeso-scale eddy activity.

Coastal sea level in the Caribbean : dynamic processes and sensitivity to climate changes.

The sea level rise related to current global warming is considered to be a major threat to low-lying coastal regions of the world, which are often densely populated.

Influence of the mesoscale dynamics on the coast-to-shore exchanges in the gulf of Guinea

The proposed PhD thesis is part of the SWOT-GG project ‘SWOT high resolution 2D mesoscale dynamics in the Gulf of Guinea’ focused on mesoscale dynamics in the eastern part of the Tropical Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Guinea.

Understanding the impact of Langmuir cells on Sargassum rafts dynamics using LES modeling

The aim of this PhD project is specifically to make progress on our understanding of the consequences of wave-current-wind interactions on the distribution of Sargassum and on their drift properties.

Model-based study of dynamics and hydrosedimentary processes in the riverine estuary and in the plume of the Red River, South China Sea

The team supervising this PhD thesis has been working for more than 10 years with its Vietnamese partners on the flow of water and total suspended solids (TSS), their variability, and associated processes in the Red River estuary.

Study of the role of organized deep convection in the planet’s water and energy balance

Global warming is accompanied by a strong disruption of the planet’s water cycle and in particular the water vapor content of the atmosphere is increasing according to Clausius Clapeyron’s law.

The seasonally modulated influence of ENSO and surface gravity waves on tropical vs. extra-tropical storms and associated impact on the coastal sea level

Sea level rise represents one of the most dramatic and tangible consequences of global warming and will increasingly affect a dominantly seafront worldwide population (Nicholls et al., 2011; 2014).

Study of 3D surfzone dynamics using a wave-resolving model (CROCO)

Flash rips and surf eddies are transient horizontal structures of order 10-100 m, which can be generated in the surfzone in the absence of bathymetric irregularities.

Iron isotope contribution to the study of ocean biogeochemical cycles in contrasting regions, Equatorial Pacific, North Atlantic and Southern Ocean

In the ocean, primary production (phytoplankton growth) takes up carbon. The sedimentation of part of this organic matter into the deep ocean thus constitutes a carbon sink for the atmosphere.