Impact of climate change on the oceanic circulation in Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems of the South Hemisphere


Start date: 2017/04/01

Thesis supervisor: Boris DEWITTE

Co-supervision 1: Véronique GARCON

Keywords: Climate change, East Coast Upwelling Systems, Decadal variability

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Current thesis

The South Vietnam upwelling:how do planktonic ecosystems respond to physical oceanic and atmospheric forcing?

Name: Duy Thai TO Start date: 2018/01/19 Thesis supervisor:  Claude ESTOURNEL Co-supervision 1: Marine HERRMANN Keywords: Hydrodynamics, Biogeochemistry, South Vietnamese upwelling, Modelling, Planktonic ecosystems

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Rare Earth elements and Nd isotopic composition: two major oceanic tracers in the North Atlantic Ocean (GEOVIDE cruise, GEOTRACES project)

Name: Marion LAGARDE Start date: 2018/10/01 Thesis supervisor:  Catherine JEANDEL Co-supervision 1: Pascale LHERMINIER Keywords: Géochimie marine, Meridional Overturning Circulation, Apports continents-océan, Concentration Terres rares, Isotopie Nd

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Internal tide realistic modeling and its surface signature

Name: Simon BARBOT Start date:  2018/01/08 Thesis supervisor:  Florent LYARD Co-supervision 1: Loren CARRERE Co-supervision 2: Keywords: Tide, Internal waves, Spectral modelling, Unstructured modelling, SWOT.